Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Delaware Considers Common Cents or No Sense at all

Years ago I raised a Shepherd for Seeing Eye in Morrisville.
They suggested feeding Purina One, easily purchased at my local market.
I continued provided that food for my Casper, the little Westie who lived 18 years.  Casper did not make it to 18 without some issues which included allergies.
Yesterday I got some fancy, expensive food at the hardware store. Pure Vita Bison Entree
That appealed to me.
Is it common sense to think that the better the food, the better the health of the dog, and the fewer vet visits and bills.  I'm not sure. But that is my story and for now I'm sticking to it.
She likes it!
I'm pretty sure she would like Purina One too.

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