Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Delaware Issues Commen Cents: Look for the Freebies

Once again I return to the Howell Living History Farm, and why not? It was FREE!
Although I have seen the buckets hanging off local Maple Trees, I have never seen someone drill and tap a Maple tree releasing the sap, and actually hang a bucket.  The woman who guided our group was dressed in period clothes and knew her syrup.  It was a very nice experience and was close to home.  Look for the freebies in your area, especially the ones that keep you outside for a few hours.
You can see my whole review on Trip Advisor.

I must confess.  We are Maple Syrup addicts in this house and go through it fast enough for me to have located an excellent supplier at a reasonable cost including shipping from Maine.  But I guess that would be a subject for Foodie Friday. Just in case you want to compare prices Hilltop Boilers 

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