Thursday, February 6, 2014

Delaware Views and News: Dot Com?

This should be the last of the Howell Farm images.  The top one is not my shoot...although those are my boots.  Aaron took this one with his cell and I just spruced it up a bit.
I'm thinking that continued post processing practice could be considered an investment in my business.  The horses looked like a good subject to try to work.
Having a little trouble pulling the trigger on my own website.  Go Daddy for a domain name?  Wordpress, Zenpholio, PhotoShelter?  OY!

I finally got the domain name from Godaddy....didn't realize I could get it free from now I have to decide where to host the
Both come highly recommended with a lean to Bluehost......
This latest storm knocked down a giant tree on river road and took our power.
We are generating our own.

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