Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Delaware Issues Common Cents

I know my images are not so GREAT that  people would want to steal them.  But there is always that one out there in the crowd.  I have seen it and it is not pretty.  I have images that I sell in limited edition and it would be just awful if someone were able to get the image and reproduce it.  So although I'm not always consistent in my efforts I do try to sign posted images and resize them small enough that enlarging them would create a pixelated view.  Most cameras provide EXIF data, so when you download your images you can click PROPERTIES and see a lot of info regarding the image, such as the date and time it was taken, and your camera settings.  You can even put in your NAME...and that is what I try to do.  Now a good scammer can probably remove all this data, but it is in your best interest when posting to be diligent about safe guarding your favorite images.  This is not so great...but it is the best one I got of a hummer, on a foggy grey morning with a 300mm lens held in my hands.  On a mission now to get a good hummer image, just in case NOTHING is retrievable on the external hard drive I shipped out for recovery.

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