Friday, July 4, 2014

Foodie Friday: Delaware Chews at Via Ponte in Stockton, NJ

It happens every now and then that I cant really say a whole lot of good things about a dining experience.  Went to the via Ponte in Stockton with 3 others who ordered a lunch plate, while I chose a breakfast sandwich.  I can't quite figure out how someone can mess it up, but in this case I will say I was not pleased.  The lunch diners had nothing to complain about, but my bagel was egg style which I do not like, the meat on the sandwich was overdone, and the whole thing together was pretty bad.  We were able to sit outside and eat and that part was nice.  The service was also good.  So I may have just been unlucky on this day, since everyone else felt content.  I guess it might be worth one more try for lunch or dinner, but egg bagels just don't make it for me.  Better yet, next time we go to Stockton early morning, I might have to try the Stockton Inn.

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