Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Foils, Foibles and Follies of MaraBella and Me.

Holy good dog.  As indicated before, MaraBella the crazy, rescue, devildog, usually makes three steps forward and a few back before going forward once more.  She has been a real challenge and a delight, as well.  With her head on my lap as I type, and her eyeballs, rolling around her head as she dreams, she brings me comfort.  Outside, she is distracted by everything.  She needs some new distractions which I am sure will give me new things to write about.  Anyway....The best news is I let her loose in the field, once again.  I know, I know, probably stupid, but figuring she would just go home I wanted to give her an opportunity to run off some energy.  I hoped by now, all of the deer had to be cleaned up anyway.  WRONG.  Not only did she find something to snack on, but she found a lone deer bone.   Good news is she brought the bone to me when I called her and dropped it in front of me rather than run home.  Bad news is whatever she ate, made her puke twice.  Nevertheless, upon arrival home she reminded me much of myself.  She rolled onto her back and kicked up her feet, much like I do when I lay down on my couch with my feet up on the back cushion. 

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