Friday, July 25, 2014

Foodie Friday: Delaware Chews at the DAM GOOD CAFE

Seriously, that is the name of the place.  Just a small little restaurant in Perkasie, the Dam Good Café was Dam Good!  I had a nice sampler; pancakes, eggs, bacon and potatoes.  There were two pieces of bacon, but I often start eating before shooting.  Took this one with the iPhone, since once I started eating I didn't want to take the time to attend to Olympia Omde.  Not real maple syrup but could hardly tell.  It was perfect and filling...left some pancake and was still stuffed.  Furm had a breakfast burrito that could have been a little warmer...the cheese was hardly melted, but he gobbled it up anyway. 

I'm always looking for a new way to view.  Got down low and grabbed this shot as Furman was exiting the building. Put the nice flowers in a pot in the foreground with all green leafs shooting up and out.  Thought it worked well with the lines of the roof eave heading out in the other direction.  And there in the midst of it all my happy, sated hubby.

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