Thursday, July 3, 2014


I surpassed my goal of selling one image from PEAC.  What a surprise and delight and bit of inspiration and encouragement and WOOOOOHOOOOOOO.  Maybe you remember the picture Tim sent me with an image showing a SOLD sign.   I was so happy just knowing a member of the family took the time to go view the work.  Honestly, Tim....I did not even notice the sold sign until June commented on it.  I had to go back and look.  Then when you told me that 2 or 3 had signs on them, I thought, how does one confuse 2 with 3.  So I put my detective friend Patti, who frequents the gym regularly, right on it and she kept coming back holding just ONE finger up.  That is, until she took the time to notice the blank spaces on the grid and sent me this.

  I'm already doing black flips and would wear a helicopter beanie, if there is just one more blank spot on any of the other 3 walls with grids!  Guess I better put on my helicopter the time I got there to take it all down a total of five images were GONE!  Sold, 5, WOW, Me, I did it.  Back flip...high as a kite with my helicopter beanie.

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