Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Home with Last Photos from Last Night in Israel

On our last night we walked out to check out the first Jewish settlement outside the walls of the ancient city of Jaffa called Neve Tzedek.  It was lovely and quaint with low profile homes and a street of galleries and shops.  We walked into the area of the Suzanne Dellal Center where families were gathering and letting their children play in the fountains.   Eventually our hunger got the best of us and we found a restaurant in the area where we sat under the shade of a tree and had a wonderful dinner.

When we were happily sated, we walked to the sea, and found ourselves amongst the throng of those who enjoy the water, the promenade, and life as do we and took in our very last sunset over the Meditterranean.

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  1. Nancy,
    This was certainly a glorious trip. I loved reliving some of my trips in Israel with you, as you journeyed on yours. It seems that you both had a totally wonderful time and chose your guide well. While touring can be rough in Israel as there is so much to see; it appears that you were able to balance the touring with enough r & r to make it a terrific vacation and personally meaningful as well. Love your pictures. Thanks for the trip! Lot's of love, Marta