Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Israel Day 2

Had a good long sleep and made it out to the clock tower for the free tour of Jaffa at 9:30 am.  Then had to wait around for a bit since the tour had been reschedualed for 10am.  We had a lovely guide who walked and talked for 2 hours.  Of course at times, we were able to sit, or stop to gaze at something she was talking about.  Jaffa is so old and sadlly has been conquered, destroyed and rebuilt many times since ancient days.  We started our tour with a walk through the market and it was the biggest flea market, with new and old stuff I have ever seen with blocks and blocks of stuff.  Furman thought it reminded him of Columbus Flea Market in terms of size.  Hard for me to say because Columbus is mostly open and this place is just blocks and blocks of buildings with stalls for each individual vender.

After our walk through the market we went to the old section of Jaffa.  The paths were cobbled and the walkways narrow with many beautiful archways and tunnels.  Our tour ended down at the Jaffa port/marina and  I thought it would be easy to get lost but the streets were marked and there were plenty of signs to guide us to where we wanted to go.  We were advised to try a Falafal Bar and I ordered a Sharwama, I think it was called, and the waiter brought me one big plate and then all these little plates and I said "is this all for me?"  and he just smiled and nodded.  It was pretty yummy and I did a pretty good job of eating it, but not all.

After lunch we went underground for a look at ancient Jaffa and the archeological dig and discovery under the ground.  It was quite fascinating but I was not able to get any good pics because it was not well lit and I did not want to start flashing.

We ended our day with a stroll by the sea.  I was so pleased to see the succulants growing so close to the water.  It was a beautiful thing.  We did a good job of exhaustng ourselves and our feet needed a rest so back to the apartment we went.

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  1. A Falafal Bar? Now that would be interesting. Love them. Always ready to hear and see more.