Sunday, May 20, 2012

Israel Day 13 Last one

Woke up early to the clatter and clang of construction this morning and the back up beeps of a front end loader.  This area is undergoing a revitalization slowly but surely.  Before we went to Jordan this very same parking lot was a staging area for some sort of production and we watched as costumes were distributed...that was much more quiet.

Then out for a simple breakfast at a bakery we could see from our balcony and figured it must be good because there was a crowd there all morning, sitting outside.  We had to get in one more visit to the flea market for some last minute items.  I have no plans to bring home Laurel and Hardy or the three monkeys.  I did see some stuff I would like to bring home but just dont have the room in my luggage.

Leaving early in the morning so I am mostly packed up and do not intend to post again even though we are on our way back out.  SHALOM


  1. i can't believe it is over...really? Surely the time can't have flown so fast!
    BTW my folks so enjoyed your photos..they said they brought back wonderful memories!!!!

  2. Love those monkeys - remember, you and i have the same refrigerator magnet of those guys.
    Well, it is probably a bitter sweet thing that the vacation is over. It sure seems like time went by fast, yet, I have missed you around UHH. You may not be ready to come home, and then again, maybe you are. Either way, with all that rucus on the street it sounds like it may be perfect timing.
    Have a safe trip home - see you soon!