Saturday, May 12, 2012

Israel Day 5

Took the day slow and easy after two days of none stop touring. Spent the morning in the apartment and on the balcony. I actually made breakfast here and we lingered. Grabbed the first two from the balcony...We heard kid laughter and high pitched screaming and upon investigation saw these two on their roof top squirting each other with a hose. Made me giggle. Did some laundry and other mundane things. Furman was on computer looking up things Jewish and explaining them to me HA
Of course, he also looked into local politics and we had some great discussions about that too.
Eventually I got rammy so we decided to take a walk and look for some food...and then made our way down to the sea. Things were happening down there and we got in some good people watching. Saw a few photographers grabbing images of loving couples and stayed for the sunset. We will have to do that again since the sun went down into a haze or clouds and was lost to me before it was swallowed by the sea.
Hey Marcia...if you see this call mom and give her the big thumbs up....IM STILL HERE!
We are off with our guide once again tomorrow.


  1. Is that first one a pano Nano??? hahaha
    The shot withe the couple and photographer is perfect..and what is that food dish???
    Sunset is lovley...

  2. Lovely - I am so glad you are enjoying your trip and that you are safe.