Friday, March 21, 2014

Delaware Chews at Home French Toastananny

As much as I try to get the food photo before I start eating, sometimes I just can't wait.
French Toast in the morning is one of those times.
There are many ways to flavor up French Toast but what is most necessary is starting with the right bread and the right batter.  The right bread is your choice, I like a thick fresh potato style bread but wouldn't hesitate to use Rye if the French Toastananny mood strikes and that is what I have on hand.
I have also had it out at a restaurant with CHALLAH and it was YUMMY, but I can only think of one time a year when I MIGHT have challah in the house and the rest of the recipe would seem to be in conflict.
For the dipping batter I simply crack an egg into a bowl and add just enough milk to creep up the edges of the yolk. Scramble this up and give a few shakes of cinnamon.  Add a splash of vanilla and mix it in. All of the sudden I wonder what a splash of Cointreau might be like...will have to try this soon. This should be enough for two or three pieces of bread.  Warm and butter your pan in preparation.  DO NOT SOAK the do NOT want it to be soggy. 
When the butter has melted in your frying pan.  Press your first piece of bread into the batter and then turn so both side are covered.  Place in fry pan and repeat.  Fry to a golden  brown.
My mom used to fry one side each of two pieces, flip  and spread with a little cream cheese and jelly, then press the other piece cooked side on top of filling and continue to grill both sides.
I never really liked that all that much, but I do like a little ham and brie cheese grilled among two pieces making the most delicious 
 French Toastananny.
 The only way to finish this off is with REAL MAPLE SYRUP. 
Have a go at it...imagine up your own favorite ingredients to grill inside.
Double the batter and treat a loved one to this sensational weekend breakfast.

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