Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Delaware Issues Common Cents with OIL and VINEGAR

Sometimes I am simply amazed at the selection of things at the local grocery store.  Almost a complete inner aisle devoted to salad dressing.  SALAD DRESSING!  A multitude of varieties, and prices, in plastic containers and glass containers.   I would venture to guess that most people have everything they need for Russian, Italian, and French dressing, already in their cabinets. A little ketchup, mayo and relish and you have Russian, a little oil and vinegar and its Italian.  Add some ketchup and Worcester and you have French.  Ok  I admit to liking Good Seasons Italian dry mix because I can use it for much more than dressing...its a great seasoning mixed with parm cheese for baking fish, and chicken.  When I am using it for salad dressing I have a  glass cruet. For the other dressings I make I recycle the honey bears.  It just seems like common sense to me to reduce the amount of plastic and glass I put in my shopping bags and keeping bottled salad dressing off my grocery shopping list is one easy way. 

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