Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Delaware Issues Common Cents about Water and Alcohol

Truth is I hardly ever drink beer when I'm out and I did not drink this one.  It just looked so good with George Washington's face on the bottle at the Washington Crossing Inn and reminded me of warmer days at the outside bar.  But this is about WATER and Common Cents.
Have you ever wondered why you are served pretzels and peanuts at the bar.  SALT!
Salt makes you thirsty.  When you are thirsty you drink more...when you drink more the bar makes more money...RIGHT?  Well not always.  You can keep more money in your pocket if you drink water.  My preference for libations is vodka, usually in the form of a Cosmo or a glass of wine.  Since I usually cannot resist the free salty snacks, I afford myself a full glass of water while snacking and drinking matching one water for every other drink.  Not only am I indulging in the free salty snacks, I am also drinking more water, less alcohol, and I am staying well hydrated.   You probably know this already after all it is just common sense.  Now you just have to do it.  You will feel better in the morning too. 

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