Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Delaware Issues Common Cents

Did you ever wonder about all the dilapidated barns and homes and how they got that way? 
Last year this green house still was erect and had most of it's glass.  It is on a property that is being restored.  But it was just too late for this.  It had been left neglected for way too many years.

I installed brand new washer and dryer over 20 years ago when I moved into my home.  I clean the vent, and wipe down the enamel and if I notice the inside needs a wipe down I do that too.  It looks pretty good for being over 20 years old, but not as good as the dilapidated greenhouse as far as photos go.  The point is...man made things can last a long time with proper maintenance and in the long run save you the money it would cost to remove or replace.

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