Friday, April 4, 2014

Delaware Chews at Chambers 19

I guess it was a few weeks ago I mentioned Chambers 19 and going to see a movie at the County Theater in Doylestown.  I was not that hungry so I ordered the French Onion Soup.  My companion ordered a Turkey Club.  The soup was unlike any I have ever had before...not to say it was the best...just different.  I am usually pretty good at distinguishing herbs, spices and different flavorings but there was something that made this different that I could not identify.  It was pretty tasty but towards the end was leaning toward the rich side and I had a hard time finishing it.  As I recall there was a mix of cheeses on top and I think that is where the unusual flavor came from...I just couldn't figure it out.   The Turkey Club was standard and devoured.  The place is quite large with a dining room on one side and a bar room on the other.  So many eating establishments in Doylestown to try and since I like to explore, I would love to try them all.  Never the less, this is a good fall back and go again and again kind of place.  In regards to food photography, I like showing the two meals, the first sharp and in focus and the one in the rear soft.  I always ask to sit by a window if there is one so I can take advantage of the natural light.

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