Friday, April 25, 2014

Foodie Friday: Delaware Chews at Back to the 50s Diner

I rarely have the occasion to post anything but fine reviews on Foodie Friday.  Today I will make an exception.  Took a motorcycle ride out for breakfast looking forward to try out a new diner in Furlong.  Looked really cute on the outside.
It looked even better on the inside, with all the 50's paraphernalia,  Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and even Betty Boop, adorning the walls.
It was crowded, always a good sign.  We decided to wait for a booth.  The service was friendly and excellent.  Furman ordered an omelet and was content.
I ordered a mixed plate of eggs, pancakes and Canadian bacon.
You would think that it would be hard to mess up.  The pancakes were tough. 
I never had to work so hard to cut into pancakes.  The syrup FAKE. 
The Canadian bacon hard and dry.  The easy over eggs over cooked.  The orange juice was pretty good and I suspected it might have been fresh squeezed...another positive.
With so much going for this place, the service, ambiance and perfect distance for a morning ride, perhaps we will try it again.  I'll definitely go with a different selection. 
Just one more time to be sure.

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