Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Delaware Issues Common Cents: Dog Treats

I don't know how many times I will have to tell you that it was NOT, NO WAY, NO HOW, Common Cents to bring MaraBella home.  But what is done is done and it brings me to this.  I started BASIC OBEDIENCE classes last Monday and tonight will be class number 2 at Golden Grange.  Joe, the owner and trainer suggested soft treats for training.  I purchased these and cut the soft sticks up into lots of little pieces. 

He also said hotdogs where a good soft human treat that dogs really like.  I wasn't sure I liked that idea.  I didn't want MaraBella to learn "beg" when we are eating hotdogs off the grill this summer.  We NEVER eat Pup Peroni.  Never the less,  I went to the Market today and conducted a price check.
That would be $4.00 cheaper on the hotdogs per pound.  Now that just might make it Common Cents.  Sadly, I makes me wonder just how bad we are getting ripped off by the dog food industry.  Those blessed beef franks must have more value than Pup Peroni.

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