Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Funday

Finally had the opportunity to take advantage of my membership to the Michener Museum and what a joy it was to share my visit with my good friend Kathy.    Last time we were there we were able to vote for the Peoples Choice of the permanent pieces and this time we were able to see the winners.
We were also able to enjoy a wonderful  exhibit, Where Children Sleep: Photographs by James Mollison.  The photographer ingeniously matched portraits of children with pictures of their bedrooms.  The diversity of the children was eye popping.  From a little American pageant girl with a bedroom full of award ribbons and crowns, to an unnamed Romanian boy whose room was a field with a mattress in it that he shared with his parents.  Some of the exhibits in the museum have signs indicating NO PHOTOGRAPHS.  Although, I have seen many a museum visitor ignore those signs, I never do...I believe this was from the exhibit, In a Relationship: Art, Science and Medicine. There was not a sign in the room where this image was and I just loved the idea, color, lines and composition so pulled out my Iphone so I could share it and perhaps entice you to go visit the museum.

See link above as I took this pic of someone else's image

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