Friday, May 30, 2014

Foodie Friday: Delaware Chews at Fiddleheads in Jamesburg

My mother is preparing for hip surgery and I have had the pleasure of accompanying her to many of her pre-surgery doctor visits.  After these visits she insists on taking me to lunch.  Princeton Orthopedics has an office in Monroe so after our appointment she instructed me to drive into Jamesburg so we could search out a restaurant.  I eyed Fiddleheads and pulled over.  We checked out the menu and noticed the white cloths on the tables and decided to go in.  What a delightful experience we had from start to finish.  Our host seated us at a table for two near a window and in a small cozy nook.  We were introduced to our waitress who attended to us with perfection.  We both decided to try the soup of the day, a delicious Cream of Mushroom.  My mother ordered the Ciao BellaBurger;  A Dijon basted Portobello mushroom with red pepper mayo and provolone.  I would have ordered the same thing, but since we are tasters, I ordered the Crab Provolone Melt so we could try both.   Our plates came with a pile of salad, home made dressing, a small dish of Cole Slaw and pickles.  I was pleased when Chef Dan came out of the kitchen to check on us.  Although I tried to convince my mother it was my turn to treat she would hear no such thing.  However, she did allow me to pay 1/2 and we both agreed to over tip, extending our bill to $20 each. 
What more can you ask of a restaurant?  We received excellent service,  a tableside visit from the chef, delicious food, nicely presented at a reasonable cost, and the ambiance was just right. 

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