Monday, May 12, 2014

Delaware Views Hues of Red

Still thinking of my mother this day after the Hallmark Holiday.  I don't need it to be devoted to her.  She is 84 now.  She gave birth to me, her third and final child, when she was 27.  She taught me self discipline, kindness, laughter, and to always look at the bright side.  Together, with my father they instilled in me self confidence and an appreciation for family.  One of her many favorite lines I hear now..."blood is thicker than water".   These are gifts I will carry with me for ever.  She tried to teach me style and fashion, something she continues to express herself, but had a failure there with me.  Next month she will undergo hip surgery and I will be there by her side.

Here she is in her glory, among members of her extended family.  27 years after my father passed, she still keeps in touch with his cousins, who she was always fond of and graciously prepared feasts for.  And now she has the pleasure of being with their children and sharing another feast that she doesn't have to prepare. 

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