Monday, January 13, 2014

And I Thought Friday Came Fast

Monday smacked me in the face hard as the Arctic Blast that blew me around NYC.  Have not picked up my camera or blogged for two days.  Maybe it is a good idea. Make it a five day blog with weekends off?  Any suggestions from my 39 readers?  

Turned out the Edison was a great choice for location and amenities.  It was pretty cold on Wednesday and I had already been through the short line at the TKTS booth, had a slice of pizza, and returned to the hotel.   Before I ventured back to the theater, I figured I would ask the concierge about the shortest route around the block.  I know! It sounds ridiculous,but when I say cold I mean single digit cold, so it was great to know that I didn't have to walk around a city block at all.  I was directed straight through the Marquee and Pippen was waiting right there. 

RED, as always present, this time big, bright and loud in NY,  bouncing all over bringing its warm glow and sense of danger in  flashing lights.  Then the scene calms in the demeanor of a passerby and the NYFD, and I hustled on through to the Music Box Theater.

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