Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Too Cold to Play Outside

My class at the International Center of Photography starts at 6PM so I have all day in the city by myself.  It was way too cold to wonder around out there.  Just 5 degrees when I woke  and I don't think it ever hit 2 digits today.  I had the pleasure of meeting a member from the UglyHedgehog forum who provided me with a tour of B&H and the back story too. 
After, I walked over to Madison Square Garden and hopped on the tour.
I'm not much of a sports fanatic and quite frankly don't remember what team's lockers these are...but I liked the sneaker.
The tour guide gave us a lot of information and made the time go by like a SWISH...hahahah
Every now and then something just cries to be worked up in Black and White.

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