Friday, January 24, 2014

Delaware Chews at the Glass House Tavern in NYC

My good friend Patti and I decided to subscribe to the Manhattan Theatre Club and had the good fortune to brave the frigid temperatures to get to the matinee last Wednesday.  I can assure you it was freezing.  We got out at Penn Station and rather than risk freezing to the ground as we walked, we took the subway up to 50th leaving us just 3 blocks to get to the theater on 47th. 
The Glass House Tavern was right  across the street from the theater and coupled with the recommendation of a friend I made at the Edison earlier this month it was a no brainer to go.
It shouldn't surprise you that I dug into my Tomato Fennel soup so quickly that it was gone before I thought to take a picture.  And then those three delicious raviolis also found their way into my tummy...oh darn.  So best I have for you is the recommendation to go and an Iphone pic.  Neither of us had a cocktail making the bill rather reasonable for a theater district lunch.  $23 pp including a generous tip. There was a nice bar and booth seating downstairs and also a large dining area upstairs where we were shown to a table

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