Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Delaware Views Anew Birds in Winter

I took the pic of the Robin with my 70-300, hand held from my porch a few days ago.  That Robin was grabbing winter sustenance from the Crab Apple tree during a freezing snow.  The geese in the background were taken with my 35-100 early in the morning yesterday, when the river still had a watery pond for them to float in.  It wasn't snowing but it sure was cold.  My battery was starting to act up and my fingers were starting to freeze.  I had to shovel snow from a few of the steps down to the river to get close but not so close that I might disturb the birds.  I thought they might look cool layered.  The Robin in the tree with the berry in it's beak and the geese hovering around a small pond of water in the ice.  Two different breeds of avian trying to make it through this cold winter.

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