Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

I did not  reach my goal of 50 followers to Delaware Views.  Bah Humbug...oh right that's Christmas.
But I did add two more and I did make a nice connection with the Bucks County Herald.  Unlikely to result in an increase in my personal economy but fun to see my images in a newspaper I enjoy reading. 

Another goal I failed to achieve was seeing 139 on the scale.  I started with Georgiann about a month ago at 149.7...YOW.   Lucky for me I can set this goal anew. Have I told you about "Loose It"? Maybe in a review.

My goal for the blog is to organize my days in views and chews and news and hues and clues and things anew, all for you.

It is with this sentiment that I offer you a greeting.  The colorful background is Christmas lights on a tree, taken with Olympia Omde  set with a very slow shutter speed and some intentional camera motion.  Font in CS3

May you be healthy and full of joy today and tomorrow and every tomorrow after that!

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