Thursday, June 12, 2014

Delaware Has No News Til Friday

I mentioned last week that I was interviewed by the Art reporter at the Trenton Times, Janet Purcell.  The story should appear FRIDAY in the Good Times section of the paper so for now....this one is for you MARCIA.

I loved the way this dog looked in the tunnel. As you can see it was a bright sunny day and the dog was in the shadow of the tunnel.  Not to mention the black around his eyes.  During the day I generally have my ISO set at 200.  Kind of reminds me of all those rolls of 200 film I used to buy.  I wanted the fencing in the background to go away but needed a decent depth of field to get clarity on the dog and the stones in the front of the tunnel.  I thought an F-stop of  7.1 would give me just enough depth...however, I still feel like too much of the fence is showing.  My exposure time was 1/320 fast enough to get the light on the stones right...but dulled the dogs eyes so they blend right in with the black mask.

In an effort to improve this image the first thing I did was crop it.  Not much, just enough to remove the exposed grass top right, and cut down on some of the dirt in the foreground. I left the little tuft of green grass front left to compliment the green in the back.  Cropping also brought the dog closer and although a little more centered, I still feel like the viewer is being led in to the main subject through the tunnel which is a little off center to the left.

Finally, I brightened the eyes with the dodge tool.  Used the stamp to remove the fence posts and blurred the fence out with the blur tool.  On last view I decided to dodge the red toy and collar too, giving them just a little pop.
So what do you think Sister, can you see the difference between the first and last images and if so...would you consider it an improvement?  I just noticed an error but don't have the patience to go back and fix it...can you tell what it is?  Anyone else?
Couldn't stand it! How about now? Stupid fence rail. :-)



  1. Hi RiverNan! You worked hard on this! I like what you did...good crop and removing the fence. The only other thing that might help, would be to try and capture the green by itself and first go into "hue and saturation" and tone it down just a bit and on my program I have "lens blur". While you have it selected for the hue and saturation, just do a slight lens blur. Those two steps will let the eye stay away from the background completely and focus on the dog. You have done well and it is a good photo! Sharon/Clicker

  2. thanks Sharon...Maybe I will try that. Never thought about capturing one section to adjust.