Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Delaware Issues Common Cents: Getting Organized

The first two images are straight out of the box and the time is approaching noon on a beautiful, bright and sunny, blue sky day.  Both are automotive and fit into the category of transportation.  Both have chrome showing my reflection, self image, or self portrait.  They were taken on a BMW Motorcycle ride to an AIRPORT.  All of these categories confuse me and although I know I need to organize my images and even more important DELETE a whole bunch, I find the time on the computer overwhelming, especially when the weather is nice and I want to be outside....OUTSIDE NATURAL LIGHT, EXPOSURE...even more categories

And then what happens when I start to play, even more time on the computer, and add more images and Categories. BLACK AND WHITE
And the vacuum is humming plug me in....here I am trying to figure out which images to delete, which images to print, which images are for the BLOG, OY another category with subdivision for each day, and in what category DO I FILE THEM.  Maybe I'm ready for a Class on LIGHTROOM...isn't that what lots of people use to name, file and organize their images? Saving time on filing and organizing will give me more time to go out and enjoy my camera.  Saving time on the computer to have more time to go out with my Camera is Common Cents to me.   Hey, I forgot Wheels.

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