Friday, June 27, 2014

Foodie Friday: Delaware Chews at the Frenchtown Cafe

Early morning rides on the BMW K16 GTL out for breakfast are one of my favorite activities when the temps rise above 55 degrees.  The ride out is cool and crisp.  The light makes everything look so gorgeously green, this time of year.  The river shimmers and sometimes you can even smell it.  I love it. Then you arrive at your destination and often for us that is the Frenchtown Café.  Just shy of an hour if we go directly up river, we are pretty hungry upon arrival.  We are never disappointed there.  I cant help but order the very same thing each time I go.  French toast with ham and brie.  It is just so yummy.  Even though I look at the menu and try to encourage myself to try something new, I find myself at the last minute reverting to what I know will be absolutely delicious.  On our last visit, I  thought I saw a cappuccino go by.  I searched the menu and didn't see it so I asked the waitress if indeed that was what I saw.   "Yes"! Rather than my typical cup of coffee I went for it.  HAHAHAH a real break out of habit.

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