Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Funday in Cape May

This is such a cool image in so many ways, not to mention, the record of my first beach visit of the season, with my good friend Kathy.
We went to Cape May to do a little tidying up of house, eat well, exercise and relax.  Well things don't always turn out as planned and no one could have imagined the washing machine springing a leak and eating up a good part of our morning.  So I did not get out to shoot until after noon.  The light was harsh and bright and luckily it was a magnificent day with a cool ocean breeze blowing.  I waited while people walked onto the beach and passed, and then the gull started flying around and I positioned myself to have the sand, water and sky take up thirds, put the guards at left middle and set the fence to guide you in.  I adjusting the lighting in windows live and signed off in CS3.
Thank you Kathy for the opportunity to enjoy your company, dine in and out, stroll the promenade,
eat fudge..........

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  1. Fudge now that is all I can think of and it is only 8:30 in the morning! Great picture Nancy!