Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Delaware Issues Common Cents

My mother was 84 in April. In June she had a hip replaced due to terrible arthritis that had worn her out and made her pretty much immobile.  She is doing well with her recovery and all who know her are pleased and look forward to her getting off her...oopsy.

She arranged for her surgery local to her three kids so we could get there easily and support her.  Capital Health is a nice, clean, fresh and fairly new facility that doesn't smell like a hospital, and doesn't really feel like one either.  My Mother was very comfortable there and so was I.
She told me she wanted to go home after surgery and expected that I would stay with her for a few days...SO GLAD I SAID "NOPE".  Only ONE WAY out of that hospital and that is directly to rehab.  Do not pass GO, do not go HOME, do not pay your electric bill...do not go to JAIL.  ONE WAY to St Lawrence Rehab...after all when you need surgery you get the best surgeon you can, and then get the best therapeutic service to enhance your chances of a full recovery. That's Common Cents. 

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