Monday, June 30, 2014

Delaware Views Hues of RED Anew

WOW, what kinda red is that?  oh ya that is the kind you make in photoshop CS3
Some folks think that photoshopping work has no place in PURE PHOTOGRAPHY...I could not disagree more.   Lots of folks take pictures of Palms in all kinds of compositions.  I wanted it to be RED and unique in its presentation.
I just feel like you can add so much to photography by accepting it as an art form, that is subject to modification in the camera, out of the camera, in the dark room, in any of the multitude of post processing software out there. I usually organize or, try anyway, in Windows Live, and make any minor modifications there.  Then I take it to CS3 for any major modifications like the one tomorrow...wonder if anyone can tell where I layered two images together, oh...I guess you will have to wait til tomorrow?  Cracking myself up here.

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