Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Delaware Issues Common Cents: Kindle

I still have the original Kindle.  It gives me pleasure to think I might be contributing to the regrowth of a forest.   I can imagine I'm saving a tree.  For the most part you can get your books fairly inexpensively on line, even free. The problem is, if you have grown up with books, as comfortable as the  Kindle is, there is really nothing like reclining in bed with a bound book in both hands, turning pages and being carried away in a good story.


My files are so big and I'm afraid I've deleted the picture I was looking for. This one, shot a while ago while practicing depth of field, leading lines, and indoor lighting will have to do.  I was looking for  a picture in a picture so to speak with a lovely image of my grandmother framed, along side the books on the shelf.  You can make out the edge of it far left.  The next shot had the whole picture, dang it, I cant find it. Nicely focused with the books getting softer and softer to the rear similar to this one.
This set of books came to me precious and inexpensive from the estate of a loved one, a hand me down gift.   I always thought in my retirement I might read this collection of classics.  Maybe next winter.

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  1. I really like this one RiverNan! I like the DOF and the mood the exposure gives. Nice job!